Catalina Island


Harry Merrick

Harry has provided us with more information about Catalina spoons

Notes:   Catalina teaspoons – embossed (die-struck) bowl designs by manufacturer


This remains a work in progress.  It makes no claim to being a comprehensive survey of all the embossed bowls of Catalina Island sterling souvenir teaspoons.  So far I have encountered 10 different embossed bowl designs, featuring views of Avalon Bay, produced by seven different U.S. manufacturers.   I would welcome being advised of embossed bowls I may have missed.



Dating of the Avalon Bay embossed bowl designs


Evidence for the dating of the embossed bowl designs comes from the image recorded on the bowl itself and from the other attractions featured on the spoon, as well as from occasional monogram dates.   To my experience the first embossed Avalon bowls must have appeared in the first couple of years of the 1900s.  The earliest I have encountered, thus far, is Paye and Baker Type 1, which must have appeared sometime before mid-1903.  Most of the embossed designs of the other manufacturers typically occur on spoons whose depicted attractions suggest design dates of 1904 or later.




Captions on embossed bowls by manufacturer


E.L. Deacon Jewelry Co.                    “Avalon, Santa Catalina Isl Cal”

Fessenden & Co.                                “Catalina Island. Cal.”

J. Mayer & Bros.                                 “Avalon Bay  Catalina Island”

Paye and Baker Mfg. Co.  (2 Types)      “Catalina Island. Cal.”           

Shepard Mfg. Co.  (2 Types)                  “Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.”

     H.H. Tammen Curio Co.                      “Avalon Bay, Catalina Island Cal.”

Watson/Mechanics      Type 1         “Avalon, Catalina Island.”

  Watson /Mechanic       Type 2         “Avalon Catalina Island”


Catalina spoon
Deacon East View

Catalina spoon


Catalina spoon
J. Mayer & Co.

catalina spoon

Paye & Baker Type 1

Catalina spoon

Paye & Baker Type 2

Catalina spoon

Paye & Baker Type 3

Catalina spoon

Shepard demi size

Catalina spoon

Shepard Type 1

Catalina spoon

Shepard Type 2

Catalina spoon

Catalina spoon

Watson Type 1

Catalina spoon

Watson Type 2

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