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Three examples of arts and crafts style spoons from the famous Shreve silversmiths in San Francisco
(note: I have duplicates of the bottom spoon which are available for trade)
Shreve&Co was incorporated in 1894, but they traces their roots to a jewelry store in San Francisco in 1852.
The two top spoons were patented on Jan. 5, 1909.
The bottom spoon is marked sterling and "R"
Note: "Shreve, Crump and Low" is a Boston silversmith
American arts and crafts spoons
Left marking: "John O. Bellis" sterling -- John O. Bellis: San Francisco Arts and Crafts Era Silversmith
#2 markings: sterling, "hand wrought", 796, Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co. (Philadelphia silversmith)
#3 markings: sterling, Marcus & co., M,B (NY silversmith from 1918 -1927)
#4 markings: w&h sterling (NY silversmith became part of Gorham)

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