Modern Scandinavian Design

Large size flatware

This is part 3 of 3 of modern Scandinavian silver flatware

The pieces in this exhibit are more than 7" in length

modern silver scandinavian flatware spoons

top marked : Copenhagen city mark 1934, two other markings with intertwined letters, back engraved "Tini"
#2 marked : Copenhagen city mark 1922, C F H intertwined, unreadable mark, Front engraved "Ella 1930"
#3 marked: Copenhagen city mark 1927, same mark as #2 above, Borsen H, unreadable mark--Probably flapjack server
#4 marked: 830s NM j.i. Back Engraved "A 15-1-26" (Jan 15, 1926)
silver squirrel

Nice detail image of a squirrel. This is telling us that this spoon was designed for serving nuts.

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