Modern Scandinavian Design

Medium size flatware

This is part 2 of 3 featuring modern Scandinavian silver spoon designs

The flatware in this exhibit ranges from 5.5" to 7"

arts and crafts silver scandinavian spoons flatware

Sampling of medium size flatware hand created in the Scandinavian countries by talented arts and crafs silversmiths
top: marked J.SME JDA 830
#2: marked W&S Sorensen Sterling Denmark
#3 marked: David Anderson Norway sterling
#4: marked M Olsen 830 (note the little flag is movable)
#5: marked E.I. 830 S --back engraved "Viola"

silver big horn sheep goat
This is a rare image of a big horn sheep in silver

Also notice the art nuevo style flower within a flower design  below the sheep

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