Modern Scandinavian Design

smaller pieces

This is part 1 of 3 featuring modern Scandinavian silver spoon designs

The spoons on this page are 4" to 5.5" long

small scandinavian silver spoons arts and crafts
These spoons were all hand created by a master silver craftsman

The designs are based upon the arts and crafts style of silverwork
Left: marked "handmade in Denmark" H. Pe 830s
#2 marked Copenhagen city mark 1939, maker S/J intertwined
#3 marked circled NM, 830s, chalice pic, N in square cartouche, 220
#4 marked Copenhagen city mark 1930,  maker C F H intertwined
#5 marked 830s GB
#6 marked "Handsmidad"  925 'sun mark'

Detail shots of the finials

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