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Streamline Flatware Set

This very pretty hand made flatware dates to the late 1920's or early 1930's. The marks have not been traced yet, but I would guess that it is from the lower Scandinavian countries based upon styling.

skyline style arts crafts silver flatware


The handle has a very streamline effect which gives the feeling of upward power (similar to a skyscraper). Sorry the picture really doesn't show the "skyscraper effect" very well. The knife has a three element engraved design. The open slots on the spoon and the unusual shape of the spoon bowl are reminiscent of arts and crafts silver from Belgium and/or Denmark. In some cases, these "slots" are enameled. In this case they are cutout by hand. The pretty fluid shape of the fork with its barbed ends is also related to this style of flatware.


The fork has the same style of engraving on the back as the front of the knife, but the spoon and knife are not further decorated on the back

The marks on this piece are somewhat confusing as they do not fit what I am expecting. The location on the front at the base of the handle is where I would expect to see silver marks for this style of flatware. The first mark is "L S" with a star below. I haven't been able to identify the maker yet. The second mark is "8 gr" with the "gr" underlined. I am unsure of the meaning. If it is a weight measure of 8 grams, why are all three pieces marked the same. It acid tests as being a good grade of silver.

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