Unusual stylings

The flatware in this exhibit show very unusual stylings

but the workmanship is very good and  these are
Arts and Crafts style spoons and servers

arts and crafts silver flatware spoons

Top: markings sterling  R H - -unknown maker or purpose --
#2 markings: U, sterling, "arts and crafts" April
#3 markings: sterling. Note "A" at finial -- unknown purpose
#4 markings: "stg silver" (unconventional), MM, Hobart (possibly Australian)

arts and crafts style flatware

top:  markings minerva head, 2nd quality lion, D in circle, DN 44 in box -- unknown purpose
#2 markings: "handmade" sterling -- unknown purpose
#3 markings: sterling between two round 'globes" --notice unusual bowl shape

arts and crafts style flatware
top: prima ns, Ax.R- -unknown maker, use -top has 'slipped in stalk type cut'
#2 markings "handmade" sterling - -bowl is shell shaped
#3 markings: sterling -- unknown use -bowl is round

If you have any information about any of these pieces, please contact me

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