The Chicago World Fair of 1893 was a major impetus to the American Fad of collecting spoons.

Advertisers quickly picked up on this fad and created spoons to advertise companies or particular products.

Sometimes these spoon were sold (often in relation to a specific event),
but shortly thereafter specific products were advertised.

Sterling Silver spoons in this genre are relatively rare because of the expense,
however, silver plated or other types of non-sterling spoons are more commonly available.

Many of these spoons were given away in various types of promotion deals and since they were
of very limited value, most have been thrown away over the years, thus the survivors are relatively rare.

I do not personally collect this genre of spoons, so if you have an interest in any of these please contact me.

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None of the spoons shown on this page are sterling silver

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advertising spoons

1. "September is founders month--The Ernst Kern Co" with an image of a man
Ernst Kern Co was a department store established in Detroit in 1883 by Ernst Kern - est age ca 1900
2. "oh oh spaghettio"--American brand of canned spaghetti  from 1987 -- est age ca 1990
3. "Fischer" --unknown product as there were several companies with this name --unknown age
4. "Cardy directed hotels" Cardy corp was a Canadian hotel company -- unknown age

advertising spoons
1.  Horn and Hardart Baking Co. Philadelphia est. 1898
A restaurant whose most famous product was New Orleans-style French-drip coffee, which Hardart promoted as their "gilt-edge" brew
2.  "Ovaltine beverage" "a natural restorative and strengthener"
A milk flavored product first introduced into England in 1909. This spoon is believed to date from the 1920/1930 era
3."Dr. Bellards" featuring a German Shepard dog image acid etched in the bowl/slice
Dr. Bellard's dog food company was based in Canada --guess that this spoon/slice is from the 1940's era
4. "Frears Troy Cash Bazaar"
Frears was a huge multi-story dry goods store located in Troy, New York
This spoon handle design was also used on spoons from the Columbian WF of 1893 so I suspect that this spoon is from that era.

advertising spoons
1. demi spoon "Saratoga Spa, Saratoga Springs N.Y."
Saratoga Spa is a natural mineral springs which is a popular tourist destination.  This is a modern spoon
2. "African lion safari, Rockton, Canada" This is a modern spoon

advertising spoons
1. "Farmers Dairy Co.'  silver plated marked "simeon and george h. rogers company" (1932)
Unsure as to which company is advertising.
2. "Radio City Music Hall", New York  Featuring a Rockette finial --this is a modern pewter spoon

advertising spoons
1. "Johnson,Johnson & Co. Pure Tea"--British tea company founded in 1837 --I am unsure of when this spoon was made.
This style of spoon was very popular in the 1840-1870 era but I think the spoon is probably much later and probably 20th century
There are 'hallmarks' on the back, but they are phony marks and this spoon is silver plated
2.  "LMS Cars" --I am guessing that this comes from a used car sales in Kent, England --no idea of age
3. "Gerbers" - baby food company --I suspect this is a modern spoon
4.  "Greydons" -- I have no further information
    5.  "Swans Nest Hotel" " Stratford-on-Avon --a popular hotel dating from the late 17th century on the banks of the river Avon
I  have no idea as to when this spoon was made

advertising spoons
"Larkin" Soap Co.
Founded in Buffalo, NY in 1875 as a soap manufacturer but later expanded into many dry goods
It's headquarter building was designed by the famous architect "Frank Lloyd Wright"
Many products bear the Larkin insignia. Most of these spoons were made between 1900 and 1915

advertising spoons
The same spoon handle was made and the bowl was customized for various companies
The left  spoon is a generalized spoon.
The right one is compliments of the Buffalo Times -- no idea of the age of these spoons

advertising spoons

In British terms, a nabob is a person who became very wealthy working for the East India Company in India.
After making their fortunes they returned home and bought large estates and sometimes seats in the House of Lords.

In other countries a Nabob often achieved wealth by  questionable means.
Complete set of 6 brass spoons is relatively rare.

advertising spoons

1.  "property of Paris Cafe Moosejaw" ,--apparently it was a cafe in Moose  Jaw, Canada -- no idea as to age
2.  most unusual souvenir from Niagara Falls (probably Buffalo as there is a buffalo in the design). I am not sure of the purpose of the simulated nail
but suspect that it is related to some business in the area. Supposedly a patent was applied for. No idea as to age
3 & 4. silver plated spoons marked as "Canadian Pacific" --Railroad and still in business - no idea as to age

advertising spoons
1. "Greens of Stansted celebrating 250 years (1687 - 1937)" --unsure of business (possibly a golf course in England) - I would estimate age as before 1937
2. "Chiclets" --original candy coated chewing gum --est age 1900-1910 -- supposedly to celebrate the new peppermint flavor
3. "Trufood" Apparently a number of vintage items are available for a Trufood baby food company, but I have no further info at this time --unknown age
4."Lowney" , A gold medal chocolate candy winner at the Pan Am world fair in Buffalo --estimate age as circa 1900. (factory in Mansfield, Mass)

canadian advertising spoons

canadian pacific spooncanada life assurance spoonmurox spoon

sunny jim / towle log cabin spoon
left: Towle log cabin syrup was an 1887 packaged brand of syrup owned by Pinnacle foods. (created by Patrick Towle who lived in Forest Lake, Minn.)
and named for his idol, Abe Lincoln (hence the log cabin)
right: Sunny Jim was a cartoon character who promoted Force Cereal (the first commercially successful wheat flake cereal)


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