Many people call the aesthetic movement of the 1870-1900 time period "ART FOR ART'S SAKE".  This is true for the fine arts, but for the decorative arts they are also required to have a function and a purpose.

This series of exhibits explores the aesthetic movement on the silver industry with emphasis on spoons.

Most of the silver of the  aesthetic movement  was relatively expensive  and not a lot of it was produced.

The most important time period for the aesthetic movement in silver was from roughly 1870 - 1900. It overlaps a number of other silver eras including Japonisme which was by far the most important element with its emphasis on natural designs
but it was also the forerunner to the important art nouveau movement.

The Great exhibition of 1851 was the beginning of the movement as a number of innovative designs were introduced which were in opposition to the mass production of the industrial age.

The later 'arts and crafts' movement also drew much of its inspiration from the aesthetic style, but later changed to a very plain unadorned style.

aesthetic style spoons

aesthetic style spoons

Aesthetic Silver Beginnings

Aesthetic Silver spoons

Aesthetic style souvenir spoons

Aesthetic style server spoons

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