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Spoons from Holland

This title almost seems to be an oxymoron, but we do not seem to manufacture much in this country any more. The Dutch company known as "HH" however, seems to have developed a good market in making cheap silverplated spoons featuring many very famous American monuments and/or legends.

Most of these spoons are marked "Holland" and they often have a three position manufacture mark of a crown in a pentagon shaped cartouche, the maker ".HH." in an oblong shaped cartouche with points on each side, and the number "90". Regardless of any of these markings, these spoons are silver plated.

Some examples are shown below, but there is no attempt to represent all of the varieties of spoons which are manufactured for resale in this country.

Most of these spoons are of fairly recent vintage. A number of old Dutch spoons are also available by the maker "HH", and some of them are quality silver. I do not know if they are the same company.

These spoons are readily available and are inexpensive. If you have any interest in acquiring these spoons, please send me an email.

left: Big Basin, California
middle: Hearst Castle
right: Independence Hall

Paul Revere

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