I have only posted a few silver plated spoons on this website as most silver spoon collectors are not interested in the modern spoons which are derisively referred to as "airport spoons".

However, there are some people who collect these spoons and enjoy the many varieties that are available.

These spoons are NOT valuable. New ones usually retail for under $10 and most  used ones have almost limited or  no resale value.

Recently Imelda Frunt of Canada donated her collection to the museum and I am  showing some of these spoons here  and on the next page.

These are examples of more common types of modern silver plated spoons
Please don't write to tell me that you have spoons not shown here
as there are probably in excess of 100,000 different styles of modern spoons.
I am NOT interested in purchasing silver plated spoons.
If you want to donate silver plated spoons to the museum --contact me 

transportation spoons

These spoons have heavy metal finials representing different modes of transportation. included are a logging truck spoon, a locomotive spoon
a trawler spoon, a stage coach spoon , a skytrail spoon. more dog sled spoons can be seen in the animal transportation exhibit .

Christmas spoons

These Christmas spoons were very well done and feature nice finials with colored glass

christmas spoons

These are much more common types of Christmas spoons

spoons with hanging designs

These spoons all have items which dangle from the top

tea kettle spoons

I believe that there are a number of different spoons featuring tea kettles.

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