A number of organizations and co-operatives have been established to promote
native arts and crafts primarily to tourists. Crafts similar to these are the product of those organizations
and local Alaskan jewelers.

ivory alaska spoons

These spoons were primarily made in the 1960-1975 time period and feature carved ivory handles.
In most cases the ivory is from mammoths that died a long time ago in the frozen north. In some cases walrus teeth are also used.

The spoon part are usually not marked as to purity and I suspect that they are not sterling. I suspect that the spoons were purchased from a jewelry manufacturer and
then assembled by the native workers.

However the handles are carved and prepared by native Alaskans.

ivory seal spoon
This cute seal was carved from mammoth ivory

otter spoon
This cute otter was carved from a walrus tooth

walrus spoon
This cute walrus was carved from a walrus tooth.

biliken spoons
The left spoon billiken was carved from a fossilized walrus tooth. I think mammoth ivory was used for the others.
The right two pieces are identified as being sterling  silver.

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