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During the latter part of the 1880's thru the 1920's continuous new archaelogical findings created a popular interest in the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans. Some of this interest was due to important discoveries including the finding of the lost city of Troy, the finding of ancient artifacts in England and on the European continent, The Rosetta stone, and King Tut's grave (1920's). This interest also extended into architecture where numerous buildings were constructed based upon classical historicism and was also evidenced by furniture design and other household objects.

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Several manufacturers either produced series of spoons depicting legendary figures or produced single pieces.

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This classic stylized Greek nude is derived from a study of Ancient Greek sculptures. But the new art style demanded a more curvy and sensuous form. 

The late Victorians had a "love affair" with the ancient Greeks and Romans because of the many archaelogical findings during this time period.. 

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classic greek god spoon wood hughes

Classic Greek style spoon from the 1880 era by Wood and Hughes of New York

Note: this spoon is different than the second one in the above picture, although it is a very similar style.

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