Animals are found on a wide variety of spoons.
 This is a suggested list but it is not all inclusive.
Alaskan Spoons
Animal Powered Transportation
Bear spoons
Bird Spoons
Cat Spoons
Civil War Spoons -- Old Abe
Cowboy and Rodeo Spoons
Diana -- The Huntress spoon
Dragon spoons
Figural spoons
Fishy Spoons (fishes and fishing)
 Hans Christian Anderson Story Spoons
Indian totem pole spoons
Insect and bug spoons
Japanese Oyster Spoons
Kenya and African Spoons (+lion tooth spoon)
Lapland Wedding Spoons
Llama Spoons  
Miners and Mining Spoons
Monkey Spoons (marriage and funeral)
Mythological Figure spoons
National Park spoons
Prize Spoons  
Rodent Spoons
Save the Rhine Spoon
Scrimshaw Spoons (Alaska)
Sea Shell Spoons
Snake Spoons
Webfoot Spoons (Oregon Frog)

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