A number of modern artists have seized upon the idea of taking pre-existing spoons and forks and modifying them to suit their artistic image.

I personally would have preferred that these artists work with sterling silver, but most have opted to work with base metals

modern arts crafts spoon fork

This stainless steel salad sized spoon and fork have handles which have been decorated with various modern beads
 and stones including an Egyptian scarab mounted using copper wire. I found this set at a local art show and although these pieces
are unmarked, I purchased them from the artist, Carlene Gibson. The back of the pieces are marked "gs 18/c"

This large two prong fork is decorated with various modern stones. It is marked  "RA1956"

modern arts crafts fork stones

This silver plated spoon has a picture oil painted in the bowl and is marked "June Houston 1995" on the front and the back of the bowl is marked  "June Houston 6-6-95"

spoon dolphins

This Chinese made stainless steel spoon features an oil painted bowl with three dolphins jumping out of the water.
The handle has been bent to create a stand  for the bowl painting.
This piece is unmarked

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