One of the things that help bring a community together is to have shared facilities. Memorial Halls and auditoriums were quite popular around the turn of the century as they provided a place for public gatherings, town meetings, plays, community activities etc. These facilities were usually sited near the central governmental district and enhanced the architecture of the region.

Most of these halls were financed by private fundraising efforts, but sometimes matching public funds were also spent. Most of the halls were built in an Art Deco architectural style which was popular at that point in time. Of course, the larger the city the larger the auditorium.

Some of these memorial auditoriums have been commemorated on spoons. Below are a few examples. I am looking for San Fernando, California. If you have that one please let me know.

Examples of handles

Long Beach, California

Chicago, Illinois (acid etched bowl)

Lima, Ohio

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Neb. -another view

Redwing, Minnesota

Snow Hall, Lawrence, Kansas

 Vinita, Oklahoma

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