Australia and New Zealand

Souvenir Spoons

There are a great many spoon collectors in Australia and New Zealand and this exhibit is dedicated to them. During the 1890-1920 time period, traveling to these countries from the United States was a difficult journey, thus not as many Americans tourists made the trek, consequently there are not as many spoons available in this country.

Despite large quantities of silver, gold and gemstones in Australia and New Zealand, not a significant amount of silver objects have been produced there and the documentation on what has been produced is very rare. I suspect that some silver spoons bearing English hallmarks were originally made in Australia or NZ and then re-sold through British silversmiths, but that trade has not been well documented to my knowledge. The quality of the silver work which can be attributed is equivalent to that found throughout the British Empire. Silver made in a foreign country which was to be resold in England was often stamped with an "f". I do not know if those rules also applied to the Commonwealth nations.

A number of silver plated and pewter pieces of modern descent are available from these lands, but I do not collect those as a general rule.

In the meantime, I have gradually been able to find more and more examples of beautiful spoons from both of these countries. Therefore this exhibit has been divided into two parts. Be sure to see all of these nice spoons.

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