A very large number of spoons featuring bears are available.

Many of these spoons are from California which is known as the Bear Republic.
Others are available from Alaska, Switzerland, mining spoons etc.

This is NOT an exhaustive list

silver spoon bears
These guys have cute expressions on their faces

bear spoons

All spoons and fork  are sterling except the bottom center one which is copper

bear spoons
The first and third vertical spoons are probably plated. All of the others are sterling.
Some of these spoons are from the California Mid Winter exhibition of 1894
and more information is available on that page.

bear spoon

bear spoonbear spoon
I am not sure if the bear on the left is silver or another alloy. It is not marked, but shows evidence of hand workmanship.
The spoon appears to have been gold plated at one time, but there are no identification marks. It was hand made.

bear spoons

bear naval yard spoon

bear caddy spoon
Nice handmade  fluted caddy spoon which has a bear and a tree stump.
No marks. I suspect it is silver and I also think it might be quite old
My guess it is from Switzerland.

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