Belgium is a federal monarchy in Western Europe nestled between German and Latin parts of Europe.
The population speaks both Dutch (60%) and French (40%).
Because of its central location, Belgium is often called the battlefield of Europe and numerous wars have been waged in this area.

belgium souvenir spoons

1. St. George slaying a black dragon  finial with the Hotel D'Ville (Brussels) embossed in the bowl. 800 silver
2. Coat of arms for Anvers finial with a hand painted copy of a Rubens picture in the bowl (see below) 800 silver
3. St. George slaying a black dragon finial with an enameled picture of the Hotel D'Ville in the bowl. 800 silver
4.  Three dimensional lion (see below) finial with an enameled coat of arms for Anvers in the bowl. 800 silver
5. embossed lion finial. 835 silver

Rubens painting spoon
Rubens (1577-1640) painting in bowl. Very minor enamel damage at top will have a minimal effect on price
This is the central panel of the Deposition which is an oil on panel on display at the
Museum Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

St george killing black dragon spoon
Both of these spoons show  the same image, but the left one has a lot of additional workmanship involved.
The left one has a silver St. George with  engraving and the dragon is done  with cloissone work.
The right one is just painted.
The earliest known images date to the 10th century

belgium lion spoon
nice 3 - D image of a rampant lion
'Leo Belgicus' is the lion symbol for Belgium  and the motto is "Unity Makes Strength"

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