Berlin Air Lift

Commemorative Spoon

I was told that this spoon commemorates the Berlin Air Lift of the late 1940's.

The spoon is silverplated and does not show evidence of hand workmanship. I suspect that it was given as a memento to those involved in the airlift.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Berlin AirLift:

After World War ll, Germany was divided into four parts each controlled by a major Western Ally (USA, Great Britain, France, Russia). In addition Berlin, the capitol, was also divided into four parts. However, the entire city of Berlin was in the part of Germany controlled by the Russians.

A road from the western part of Germany to Berlin was used to supply the city, but the road passed through the Russian controlled part of Germany. During the Cold War, Russia decided to blockade that road. If the western allies did not take prompt action, the city would be starved into submission. President Harry S. Truman declared that we would supply the city with needed essentials by air. He and our allies launched a massive resupply program and tens of thousands of airplane loads of supplies were airlifted into the city. This massive action had a plane landing in Berlin every 5 minutes. After awhile Russia realized that its plan to seize control of Berlin was doomed and lifted the blockade.

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