Gold Nugget Berry Spoons

These spoons appear to have been custom made in honor of a gold discovery. At the finial we find a large placer gold nugget in a victorious laurel wreath. The bowls are custom repoussed with fine Victorian silverwork.

This style of spoon bowl was popular from the 1850's thru the 1890 time period, but this style of handle was most popular in the mid 1880's. Given this time frame, it is most likely to assume that the gold nuggets came from California (or Colorado) since that was the area which was producing gold nuggets of this type at this period of time. (The Alaskan gold fields weren't discovered until the late 1890's). The Nevada gold fields were producing gold ore, but not placer nuggets.

berry spoon gold nugget

These Berry spoons are 8.4" long and most of the handle is vermeil (gold plate on silver). 

These appear to have been  custom made for some purpose. (suggestions?)

My guess is  that a gold miner 'struck it rich' and had these spoons made.

berry spoon with gold nuggets

The placer nuggets are fairly large measuring about 4/10 of an inch length. 

I have no idea of weight since they are soldered onto the spoons.

The laurel wreath has a long history but was used to coronate a pope as well as signify victory.

berry spoon goldberry spoon gold

The bowls are hand worked with a nicely designed fruit and berry display.
The two bowls are slightly different as would be expected.

berry spoon gold marks

The spoons are marked both sterling and 925.

I was unable to find this mark in my books or in an on-line search.

Any information would be appreciated, contact me

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