The bon bon spoon exhibit has been completely modified and many new exciting spoons have been added. Rather than add new pieces in a haphazard manner, I have divided the exhibit up into several categories. This should make the museum much more interesting. Be sure to visit all of the new categories. 

I am not sure of the difference between bon bon (aka bonbon) spoons and caddy spoons since they seem to overlap quite a bit and there are a number of varying definitions of their uses and styling. Therefore I have combined them in the exhibits.

I was first inspired by the January-February, 1998 issue of Silver Magazine to produce this page of Bon Bon Spoons. I had always thought that they were interesting pieces, but hadn't really given the subject a lot of thought. Then Nancy Impasto wrote a very interesting article about them (p. 20-25). In addition, my favorite authoress of silver articles, Diane Zinn, wrote a followup article on Souvenir BonBon spoons with multiple uses (p. 26-28). These two ladies inspired me to present the following pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Nancy Impasto defines a bonbon spoon: "Their unique shape (generally short handles and broad round bowls) lends itself to many interesting interpretations."

Both authors define a bonbon from Websters dictionary as "a piece of candy, specifically a small chocolate coated or fondant-covered candy with a center of sugar fondant to which fruits and nuts are sometimes added".

Wikipedia defines a  caddy spoon as "A caddy spoon is a spoon used for measuring out the dried form of tea leaves, that are commonly called tea. Traditionally made of silver, they were in common use in the 19th century, when tea was a more expensive commodity. Tea was sometimes stored in elaborate boxes or containers called tea caddies, and these spoons were made to be used with such containers."

A very large assortment of conventional patterned handled bon bon spoons are also available to the collector.

bonbon dolphin spoons and servers

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