Bon Bon Spoons

Open Work Design


These spoons feature open work designs. Sometimes spoons of this type are cast and other times the work is created by hand sawn cutouts. The spoons on this page measure between 5 and 7 inches in length. The bonbon server page shows some very large and impressive bon bon servers.

This is one of my favorite spoons. It shows a large seated figure of Britannia while a tiny subject stands nearby. This cast spoon indicates that it was made in London about 1892. There are many cast design elements of Art Nuevo throughout. Below is a picture of the whole spoon and you should also note the putti in the center of the finial.

This delightful piece is cast. The finial is a Dutch windmill. In the bowl is a scene of a maid carrying buckets on her shoulders. There is also a significant amount of cast foilage

The handle and finial on this piece are the same as in the first set of pictures, but the bowl design is completely different. In the center is a farmhouse and a maid carrying a basket of fruit.

. The cast finial is two standing lions next to a urn of flowers. The hand made bowl which is very deep features hand cutouts and a design of farm animals which is flat chased. This is a very old style of silver decorating and was not commonly done in the Victorian era. I am unsure of the dating on this piece.

This is a neat 7.6" bon bon spoon from Holland. At the top we have a bare breasted mermaid holding aloft a kings crown (the mark near her left hand is one of two purity marks). In the hand cutout and engraved bowl we have a cat on the left and a bird on the right (enlarged--and the strange color shift is where I tried to lighten up the cat so you could see it better). 800 silver

This is a cute whimsical enameled seahorse bon bon spoon. It appears to be made of a gold colored metal, but there are no marks of any kind. I doubt that it is silver. I have also seen various spoons of a similar style. I suspect that it was made in the 1900's.

Bon bon spoon with a windmill finial (movable vanes) and a very deep open work bowl. The bowl is similar to those shown under the bonbon love spoons, but this spoon only has flower and vine designs

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