An interesting look at a style of bonbon server which has large ship  finials

along with their interesting hand worked bowls

Nancy Impasto defines a bonbon spoon: "Their unique shape (generally short handles and broad round bowls) lends itself to many interesting interpretations."

Webster's dictionary defines a bonbon as "a piece of candy, specifically a small chocolate coated or fondant-covered candy with a center of sugar fondant to which fruits and nuts are sometimes added".

These spoons can also be used for a wide assortment of different foods.

bon bon ship server spoons dutch
All of these spoons are 800-830 silver and were manufactured in Germany or Holland (Hanau or Schoonhaven)

bonbon spoon
A  wavy shaped bowl which has a piercing near the top featuring tree limbs and vines
The design shows three men around a table with a woman and child in the background made with repousse workmanship.
Extensive chasing work around the edges.

bonbon spoon
Oval shaped bowl with a repoussed woman carrying a basket of fish and a jug. Also an anchor in the foreground.

bonbon spoon
Wavy shaped bowl with two 'love' birds in the pierced bowl with extensive chasing work

bonbon spoon
Oval shaped bowl featuring repousse work of a man pushing a woman on a swing surrounded by extensive foilage

bonbon spoon
A wavy shaped bowl with piercing near the top. The repousse figure of a woman carrying pails with houses in the
background is a typical Dutch design motif. Extensive chasing.

bonbon spoon
A round bowl with repousse work of a girl and a boy in period clothing amid extensive piercing.

bonbon spoon
A wavy shaped bowl with extensive chasing around the edge.
The center picture shows two 'love' birds nestled between flowers and vines

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