The Book


Collectible Souvenir Spoons

Identification and Values

THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT OF DISTRIBUTION.. I think that it is a marvelous book, but as the author, I am probably biased. For unbiased views, see the comments near the end of this page.

Used copies of the book are still available from various vendors. You can look at or you can google Bednersh and  find other sites selling the book.

Collectible Souvenir Spoons

Identification and Values

by Wayne Bednersh

published by Collector Books

a division of Shroeder Publishing Co. Inc

ISBN# 1-57432-063-7

The book is about 334 pages long and contains more than 800 plates (many of which are multiple spoons), some of them in full color. This is more pictures of American Souvenir Spoons than found in all previous spoon books combined.


It has kept us captivated all evening. We

have seen a number of spoon books in the library, but your book is more

of what we have been looking for. G.F., Salt Lake City


the subject heading says it all, it is the most used word around here at the

moment...from both of us. We are enjoying the book immensely. A.L., New Zeeland


The whole book is exciting. And, what a wonderful reference for collectors !

(and, me too.) This is most certainly the best souvenir book in print. The

time that you must have spent in preparing is hard for me to imagine. S.A.M, Calif.

"Received your book today. The layout & pictures are superior. How nice to see your picture & bio. Again, the quality of your photos are unmatched anywhere. I especially am happy to see plate #654,657,658. I collect Kewpie dolls & have never found a spoon--of course, I could not afford to pay those prices. This collectible book is more than I ever expected, $20 is a bargain. You can be proud of a job well done. Your efforts & hard work will be enjoyed by many for years." S.V., St. Petersburg, Fl.

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