Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in N. America having been founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England.

The city was a hotbed of colonial protests against the British and was the location for several key events before and during the American Revolutionary war against Great Britain including the Boston massacre, the Boston tea party, the battle of Bunker Hill and and other events.

boston souvenir spoons

The tourists who visited Boston were most interested in the historic buildings.

all the spoons are sterling
The four spoons leaning left deal primarily with the Old South Church
The four spoons leaning to the right deal primarily with Faneuil hall
The bottom right spoon is about the 'midnight ride of Paul Revere'

boston old south church spoon

The meeting of the Sons of Liberty at the Old South Church meeting house was a key event leading to the American Revolutionary war against the British. Samuel Adams inspired his followers to
protest British taxes and the Boston Tea Party incident is the best remembered activity.

The colorful ornate Italian Gothic style building at the northwest corner of Copley Square reflects of opulent tastes of the community.

boston tea party spoon

boston tea party spoon

nice sterling Boston souvenir spoon featuring a ship and labeled "Boston Tea Party, Dec. 16, 1773"
The Boston tea party was either a political act of defiance or hooliganism depending on your viewpoint.

boston tea pary indian spoon

boston tea party colonist dressed as an indian

faneuil hall spoon

Peter Faneuil using profits derived from slave trading commissioned  John Smibert to erect this English style  market house ca. 1740-1742
The building was the scene of several meetings of the Sons of Liberty.
This building is one of the most visited buildings in the USA.

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