Completed in 1874, the Eads bridge (named after its designer and builder, James B. Eads) was the longest arch bridge in the world at 6,442' or about 1.25 miles.
Connecting St. Louis with East St. Louis, this was the first bridge using cantilever support methods and pneumatic caissons.

The Eads bridge was revolutionary in the art of bridge designing

As a publicity stunt,  a number of circus elephants were walked across the bridge, to assure people that it was safe.

All spoons are sterling
eads bridge spoons

On the first two spoons, King Louis ix (1214 - 1270) is at the top of the spoon. He is the only French king who has been canonized and is called St. Louis.

spoons 3 and 4 are engraved pictures of the bridge

eads bridge spoon

nice engraved view of the Eads bridge

eads bridge spoon

nice cutout version of the Eads Bridge

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