A number of beautiful and scenic bridges are located in Europe. However, to my knowledge only a few of these
bridges have been the subject of sourvenir spoons. I am certain that many more exist.

In ancient Rome, the most esteemed profession was that of 'bridge builder'.
It is commonly believed that the word Pontiff in reference to the Pope is related to that of the bridge builder.
From Wikipedia we have this definition:
"The English term derives through Old French pontif from Latin pontifex, a word commonly held to come from the Latin root words pons (bridge) + facere (to do, to make), and so to have the literal meaning of "bridge-builder". This may be only a folk etymology, but it may also recall antique tasks and magic rites associated with bridges."

bridge pont alexandre spoon

The Pont Alexandre 111 is considered to be Paris's most beautiful and most elegant bridge as it gracefully spans the Seine River.

Built for the 1900 Worlds exhibition, the single leaf arch bridge's first stone was put in place by Tsar Nicholas 11 of Russia.

The bridge is home to a number of important works of art including the four corner pillars which are gilded bronze equestrian groups representing Fame and Pegasus.

Beautiful sculptures are also placed on both the right and left banks.

I particularly enjoy the handle on this spoon with its graceful Art Nouveau styling.

bridge tower london spoon

The iconic Tower Bridge in London is one of the major symbols of that great metropolis and  it is still a major tourist attraction.

When it was built, the Tower Bridge was the largest bascule bridge in the world. At that time the bascules were operated by Hydraulics and steam power.
Despite the complexity of the operating mechanism it only took about a minute to raise the bascules to their maximum angle.

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