British Monarch Coronation
Souvenir Spoons

Many variations of all the coronation spoons exist.

Edward V11

The royal crest
"By the Right of God"
(and the British really believe this)

Edward V11--Coronation souvenir from 1902

Queen Alexandra

In 1863 Edward married Alexandra, eldest daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark.
This spoon was made in Denmark, but bears British import marks for 1904

Canadian versions of the coronation of King Edward V11

British Coronation for Edward V11

Canadian enameled coat of arms with Edward V11 simulated coin bowl

George V1 and Elizabeth
(Birmingham, 1937)

Canadian versions of the Coronation (Birks)

Silver plated souvenir of the coronation

Front and back views of a silver plated souvenir of the Royal visit to Canada in 1939

Queen Elizabeth 11

The royal coat of arms on the finial and the Queen in the bowl

The bowl on this interesting spoon is the same as shown above, but the finial appears to be either a trade union or guild. I am not sure how to translate the latin
"Super Materium Ignis Triumphans"

Many other versions (both sterling and plated) of the Queen Elizabeth coronation exist

Netherlands Royalty Spoon

Beautiful hand painted spoon of Queen Wilhelmina (I think) of Amsterdam

I believe that this is one of the Dutch Kings. This particular style of spoon is used with many different finials. The style is a derivative of the old apostle spoons. Demi--800 silver

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