british souvenir spoons

spoon small bore rifle association

There are currently  8 small bore rifle clubs in London
This spoon is silver plated

spoon super materiam

"Super materiam ignis triumphans" translates as "Fire (ignis) rules/triumphs
(triumphans) over (super) material (materiam)."
"fire conquers the best materials"
J K Smit and sons
silver plated
The bowl suggests this spoon was made for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Pineapple and cup spoons

pineapple spoons

Apparently pineapples were so valuable and popular in England  in the 1700's that it became a status symbol. People literally took pineapples to parties just to show them off.
Some people carried them around until they started to rot. At one point they could cost up to 5000 pounds each which was a whopping sum of money.

"In such a gastronomic milieu, reports and later samples food display 1of the New World's pineapple--whose ripe yellow pulp literally exploded natural sweetness when chewed--made the fruit an item of celebrity and curiosity for royal gourmet and horticulturist alike. Despite dogged efforts by European gardeners, it was nearly two centuries before they were able to perfect a hothouse method for growing a pineapple plant. Thus, into the 1600s, the pineapple remained so uncommon and coveted a commodity that King Charles II of England posed for an official portrait in an act then symbolic of royal privilege -- receiving a pineapple as a gift."

Other British Spoons

british spoons
An interesting mix of different spoons with British hallmarks

british turtle spoon

A small turtle surmounts this spoon. Perhaps it was for turtle soup

British spoon with Roman
This looks like a well muscled Roman warrior.

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