business building spoons
all spoons are sterling except the 2 spoons at the  bottom

spoon Mutual Benefits Bldg. of Newark, New Jersey
Engraved view of Mutual Benefits Bldg. of Newark, New Jersey
Built in 1927 

spoon Mc Farlan Bldg of  Connersville, Ind
Gold washed engraved view of Mc Farlan Bldg of  Connersville, Ind.
Believed to have been constructed ca. 1902 by Mr. McFarlin the wealthiest man in the town
and the owner of the McFarlan Carriage Company (auto manufacturing ca 1909)
McFarlan was active in high end automobiles, auto racing and building fire engines, ambulances and hearses

spoon Stock Exchange in St. Joseph, Mo.
Engraved view of the Stock Exchange in St. Joseph, Mo.

Designed by architect Edmond J. Eckel, the live stock exchange  was completed ca. 1899.
It was the 'crown jewel' in the vast stockyard complex of St. Joseph.
It is now on the register of historic places

spoon Security Mutual Building of Binghampton, NY
Engraved view of Security Mutual Building of Binghampton, NY
Designed by architect Truman Lacey, this  Beaux-Art style skyscraper completed in 1904 was the largest in Binghampton and overlooked courthouse square.
The massive ornate two story Italian marble lobby is entered under a stone bridge spanning a river with a setting sun background

spoon Wright and Wilhelmy Building
Embossed view of the Wright and Wilhelmy Building
This silver plated spoon was made to honor the 25th anniversary of the Wright and Wilhelmy wholesale hardware compay in Omaha, Nebraska.
This building was completed ca 1908

spoon LA hall of records
Los Angeles -- Hall of Records

For decades, this eccentric building dominated the Los Angeles civic center.
Built between 1909 and 1912, the building consolidated many county offices under a lavishly decorated roof that featured
finials, gables, copper ribbing and brick terracotta
This building was demolished in 1973

LA hall of records

casino spoon
Engraved view of the casino in Santa Cruz, Ca

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