There are hundreds of smaller cities in California and many of the cities are part of larger metropolitan complexes.
For Example, Los Angeles county  is composed of 88 different cities

calif cities spoons

a very small sampling of some sterling California cities spoons.
Many other cities are shown in different exhibits
vertical: City Hall, Oakland
San Jose
Sacramento (capital) Showing Sutter's Fort (discovery of gold)

pasadena spoon
Pasadena rebus spoon
"crown of the valley"

Bakersfield clock spoonImage of the Beale Memorial Clock Tower's Exterior

Beale Memorial Clock tower was a memorial gift to the city from Truxtun Beale (ambassador to Spain) in honor of his mother.
The raiload tried to have the clock moved in 1910, but was eventually forced to make their tracks go around the clock tower.

An earthquake in 1952 caused so much damage that the tower had to be demolished,

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