Canada took a different approach to the souvenir spoon movement than the United States and Europe despite very close ties to both. Canadian spoons are a distinct blend of European and American spoon traditions.

I would suspect that the majority of Canadian souvenir spoons were probably sold to American because of the proximity and because so many Americans would travel to Canada. The fact that a lot of these spoons survive is mute testimony to the beauty of these pieces.

Today, Canadian spoons are not held in the highest esteem. I am not sure why this is the case, because I find them to be very interesting and with nice enamel work. For some reason the market has discounted the quality of workmanship found on these spoons.

This page is divided into two sections because the enamel spoons are color pictures which take slightly longer to download.

  1. Enameled Canadian Coat-of-Arms finials
  2. All other Canadian spoons

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