Many of the Canadian pieces have enamel finials of the various Coats of Arms of the nation or provinces and these are difficult for spooners to distinguish and even more difficult to understand.

Robert Pack has recently produced a book "Collectors Guide to Canadian Souvenir Spoons" which has helped us make sense of some of these designs. Despite his extensive research, more work in this area is still required.

Provincial Arms

Alberta finials (left) and British Columbia finial (right of first photo)
note the spoon in the second photo is the same basic spoon with different colors and a different coat of arms (this one also has a picture of the Champlain Monument in the bowl)

Left: Montreal

Crowned Finials

left: bowl shows Pioneer S.S. Beaver sinking off Vancouver, BC

middle: bowl is enameled showing scene similar to the lion/unicorn at the bottom of this page

right: bonbon bowl spoon showing the Montreal skyline. Note the basic silver design is the same as the spoon on the left, but the enameling gives it an entire different look.

left: bowl engraved Digby, Nova Scotia (1902)

middle: bowl engraved Hamilton. Note: the pink is a reflection, and does not exist on the spoon. Despite 3 scanning tries, it persists. Also note that the basic silver spoon is similar to one shown on the other Canada page, but it has been enameled differently. These are particularly beautiful spoons.

Right: Indian figure holding aloft insignia. Bowl engraved "Toronto, Ont."

Crowned coat of arms with Union Jack

National Coat of Arms

note: right hand stem is an Art Nuevo woman holding the insignia

left: bowl shows Quebec skyline

middle: bowl shows "dog gnawing a bone" (see other page for details)

right: bowl shows Champlain Monument, Quebec

left: generic Canada souvenir spoon

right: bowl engraved Waterton Lakes

bowl:oxcart from Calgary

Beautifully enameled Canadian spoon engraved "Toronto"

Combination of Provincial Arms

Carriage (caleche) from Quebec

Combination of Provincial Arms composed of a lion and unicorn and other heraldic emblems

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