I do not have as many Canadian spoons as I do US spoons, so this exhibit is much smaller.

canada monument spoons
all spoons are sterling
1.  cute demi with oar shaped handle with wire windings with an embossed bowl of  the Sebastapol monument in Halifax, N.S. Possible manufacture is J. E. Ellis -but slightly different mark
2. nicely enameled stem with a gold washed bowl featuring the Champlain monument in Quebec. registered in '05
3. nicely enameled indian handle featuring an embossed bowl of the South African monument in Montreal. registered in '03
4. female stem holding aloft an enamel shield with an embossed picture of the Champlain monument in the bowl.
5.hand made  twisty handled spoon with finial showing the Prince of Wales tower.

champlain monument spoonchamplain monument spoon
Views of the Champlain monument in Quebec. Note the faulty manufacture of the right spoon where the handle solder destroys the top part of the statue
I hadn't even noticed this flaw until I created a big picture.
The Samuel de Champlain monument is one of the most imposing Quebec monuments dedicated to the man who explored the region. There are also other monuments to Champlain in Canada
canada indian spoonsouth africa montreal statue spoon
The indian handle on this spoon is very well done (wish I had a 'six pack' like this guy)
The South Africa monument in Montreal is dedicated to the Canadians who fought alongside the British in the Boer War.
Sculpted by George William Hill, it sits on the northern edge of Square Dorchester in Montreal

prince of wales spoon
Nicely engraved Prince of Wales tower finial in Halifax
This 26' high and 72' diameter round tower was originally built in 1796 by Capt. James Straton and later modified by Edward, Duke of Kent
as a fortress and storage facility

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