Annually an exhibition of the latest technological products was held in Canada (1879 - 1913)

In 1904 the convention was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

James Thomas Gordon (1858-1919) was president of the Dominion Exposition in 1904

Featuring the latest technologies, over 200,000 people attended the exposition.

There was one major tragedy when a lot of people climbed a roof to try and watch an exhibition for free.
The roof collapsed from the weight.

Rare set of spoons from the Winnipeg Exposition

dominion expo 1904 winnipeg spoon

These are really very lovely  art nuevo style 5 1/2'"  tea sized spoons from this Expo.

The finial features "the Fort Garry Gate"

The limestone gate is the only remaining part of the fort which was the home of  the Hudson Bay Company and the center of the Red River Colony.

Below the gate  is a big tower with a statue on top
It looks to me like it is probably the Manitoba Legislature dome but the current dome does not feature a long pole on top with a statue mounted on top
I can't find a picture of the tower before it was changed in 1920.

The handle says " Winnipeg 1904"

The back identifies the spoon as having been made by D.R. Dingwall Ltd. Silver-Smiths (below a beaver)

Dingwall was a local jewelry store which was not noted for being in the spoon making business
but apparently they did make some custom one of a kind spoons for the local Scottish Rite Reunions.
I suspect that these spoons were part of a very small production.

The bowl features an embossed allegorical woman clothed in a long robe and  holding a victory wreath in her left hand with the sun rays behind her.
and is captioned "The Wondrous West"
A sheaf of wheat is near her right leg.

The metal purity is not marked, so I am assuming it is silver plated, but it does need to be tested as this is very fine  quality workmanship.

Set is not available for sale, but individual spoon may  be purchased.

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