Automobiles were just starting to enter the public arena during the latter portion of the great souvenir spoon movement, but later spoons were ready to incorporate cars into spoon designs. This is a cross-over type collectible and car collectors are also interested in car related spoons.

This first set of six spoons is quite interesting and I think it is probably unique, but please take some of the following speculation with the proverbial grain of salt. The spoons are made of 800 silver and bear Dutch marks and a Minerva head as well as a maker (which I have not identified) and are identical except for the car on the top.

Each car is identified as to year, but not as to type or model. I find this to be very strange. Obviously the maker knew the make and model, but chose not to put that very important information on the spoon. WHY? I suspect that the reason is that these spoons were made for a particular car collector, and these were the vehicles in his collection. Obviously he would consider this information to be unnecessary, whereas if the spoons were made for sale to the general public, that information would have been essential. Also the six vehicles shown are not a "cohesive" set, but rather more of a collection as they span a large time period.

Whatever, Please enjoy. You will have to use the bar at the bottom of the screen to see the cars on the right.

I am not an expert in old vehicles, so I can't identify the models, but if anyone wishes to furnish this information, I will post it.

This is what the complete spoon looks like. Each spoon measures just over 5.5" (120mm)

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