Character spoons show a popular figure from TV, Radio, Advertising, Books , Children's stories

None of the spoons shown on this page are sterling silver

disney character spoons
2.  Mickey Mouse
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Donald Duck

mary poppins spoon
1. unsure who this is supposed to be (readers help me)
2. Mary Poppins

Davy Crokett Spoon

fairly rare spoon and fork combo of Davy Crockett.
Davy Crockett was a frontiersman, a member of Congress and a folk hero who became a TV media sensation during the 1960's

campbell kids spoons
Set of the Campbell kid's soup spoons.
Various versions of the Campbell kids were used in advertising campaigns starting in 1909 and   lasting for over  two decades

French hot dan mustard spoon
French's Mustard "Hot Dan" Spoon  --plastic

mr. Peanut spoon
various versions of the Mr. Peanut spoon are available

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hopalong cassidy spoon
Fairly rare Hopalong Cassidy spoon from the popular 1950's TV show

Charlie McCarthy spoons

Edgar Bergren was a famous ventriloquist in early vaudeville and TV
Charlie McCarthy was his most famous 'dummy'

little red ridinghood spoons
1. silver plated Little Red Ridinghood fork
2.  silver plated Little Miss Muffet spoon

Huckleberry Hound spoon

A blue dog with a nice personality that speaks with a southern twang
From a 1950's era TV show which was a takeoff on
Mark Twain's 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'

rip van winkle spoon
silver plated spoon featuring Rip Van Winkle
who was the main character in a famous story by Washington Irving
The bowl features an embossed picture of "Buffalo's new post office" (Buffalo, NY)

betty lou spoon

1. I am not sure about these bears (reader help would be appreciated)
2. silver plated spoon featuring a blue bird with 'Sandusky, Ohio" engraved in the bowl
Jan Peerce sang "Bluebird of Happiness" in 1934.
The song written by Sandor Harmati and Edward Heyman has become a classic

betty lou spoon
The Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou Radio Show was very popular
on the Royal Gelatin Hour (later Royal Deserts Hour) in the 1930's.
Betty Lou was Tommy Riggs female voice

clara lu'em spoon
Clara, Lu and Em were very popular  radio personalities in the 1930's in Chicago
This spoon also purports to be from the Chicago World Fair of 1933
More spoons from this world fair can be seen by clicking here

quaker early bird spoon
silverplated 1930's era spoon featuring Gene and Glen radio personalities .
Sponsored by Quaker Oats and made by Peerless Silverplate Co.

lone ranger spoon
The Lone Ranger was a fictional masked Texan who fought for justice in the 'old west'
he first appeared in a 1933 radio show, but during the 1950's his TV show was a major hit
"Hi-yo, Silver! Away!"

howdy dooty spoon
Howdy Doody was a popular puppet show
Provided by Margaret White

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