The Chinese have a lot of symbols for good luck, making money, living a long life, health success and aversion to evil ghosts or spirits.

Most of these spoons are inexpensive souvenirs of tourist visits to Hong Kong, Taiwan (Formosa), Singapore or other Chinese cities.

China good luck spoon
These are very nicely made spoons with an unusual shaped bowl. The basic spoon is the same, but the the handworkmanship is different.
These spoons are marked "free China" with no purity mark. I am pretty sure they are close to sterling grade silver.
The term "free China" is used in several different contexts, but in this case I am assuming they are talking about the Republic of Taiwan sometime after WW11.

China good luck spoon
detail photo of the incredible hand workmanship on this souvenir

China good luck spoon money
Most of the old Chinese coins have four characters. It is possible to date and determine coin value.
The coins on these spoons are simulated. They were made for tourists.
The inscriptions are usually for good fortune, success in business etc.
only marked "silver" probably a low grade of silver

China good luck spoon
A variety of good luck, good fortune, long life spoons. Bamboo stems are very popular design motifs.
Most of these spoons are silver, but silver plated ones are also available

China good luck spoon
Nice cut out stork with pine trees
The stork was believed to live for a thousand years and was often paired with pine trees which are also a symbol of longevity.

mark is in Chinese characters

I am not familiar with Chinese characters so if anyone wishes to add comments, please contact me.

Another peculiarity of some of the Chinese dialects  is that there are a very large number of written characters, but fewer spoken sounds.
Therefore homonyms are often used as puns.

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