The research on these two spoons certainly was quite different than I expected.

salzburg rupert silver coin spoon 1684

The two spoons shown above do not show substantial silver workmanship nor design and I did not pay much attention to
the coin bowls which were in a language I didn't understand and which were full of small details. At first I though
that they were simple souvenir spoons from the Vatican as the picture looked like a Pope to me.
The top spoon was apparently made in Dresden, Germany and was a present according to the shield at the top
"Dresden K.G. from N.F.C."

After research, I have determined that this is a picture of St. Rupert of Salzburg (Austria).
"St. Rupert, seated facing, salt-measure in right hand, crosier in left, XV in frame below, all in beaded circle".
The left coin is dated 1684 and the center one is dated 1688.
The right picture is the obverse and is the same for both coins
The coins were minted during the term of
Independent Archbishop, Johann Ernst-Graf von Thun u. Hohenstein

salzburg coin st rupert 1685
I pulled this picture of a similar 1685 coin off the web.

st rupert
St. Rupert (gothic statue)

According to Wikipedia: "Rupert was a Frank and bishop of Worms until around 697, at which point he was sent to become a missionary to Regensburg in Bavaria. There, he may have first baptized Duke Theodo of Bavaria, whose permission was necessary for further missionary work, and then baptized a number of the nobles. After such success, Rupert moved on to Altötting and converted the locals. He soon had converted a large area of the Danube. As well as converting the locals, Rupert introduced education and other reforms. He promoted the salt mines of Salzburg, then the ruined Roman town of Juvavum, and made it his base and renamed the place "Salzburg." He reportedly died on Easter Sunday around 710.

Rupert of Salzburg (also Ruprecht, Hrodperht, Hrodpreht, Roudbertus, Rudbertus, Robert) is a saint in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and a founder of the Austrian city of Salzburg. He was a contemporary of Childebert III, king of the Franks.

Austrian coin spoon

This souvenir spoon from Ischl  was manufactured using an old 1743 Austrian coin for the bowl.

Ischl is a small resort town in Northern Austria which is on the banks of the Ischl river.

The finial is a nice enameled shield with a prancing deer.

This spoon uses a wire wrap technique to create the handle. 

This coin appears to be an old 1725  4 Kreuzer coin  issued by the Bishop of Salzsburg , Austria, (Franz Anton von Harrach) for use in general circulation and has 2.3 grams of silver.
Translation: Franz Anton, by the Grace of God, Prince Archbishop

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