silver british coin spoons

These are conventional 20th century souvenir spoons that were made using British coins.

The older British coin spoons may be seen in the embedded spoon exhibit

These George V1 one shilling coin spoons are quite nice and are usually dated around the World War 11 era.
Most likely they were purchased by American military personnel and sent to relatives at home.
The mighty British lion astride the crown is a very nice image.

british 3 pence coin spoonbritish 3 pence coin spoon

queen victoria britain coin server spoon silver

This is a very impressive server (wedding?)  which has a large 1890 double florin coin from the Queen Victoria Jubilee.
This silver piece was manufactured in Germany from 800 silver.

british queen victoria double florin
Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch and the figurehead of a vast empire. She oversaw major changes in British society and gave her name to an era. In 1887, Victoria's Golden Jubilee and, 10 years later, her Diamond Jubilee were celebrated with great enthusiasm. Having witnessed a revolution in British government, huge industrial expansion and the growth of a worldwide empire, Victoria died on 22 January 1901.

British Victoria penny spoon 1897

This is an 'old head' style British penny mounted near the top
There are different variations and this is one of the rarer ones with a seated Britannia dated 1897
The spoon was made for the Diamond Jubilee and the bowl shows a younger version of Queen Victoria soldered to the center.
The top of the spoon is crowned and the dates below the coin are 1837 and 1897

coin spoon british trinidad
This is an interesting spoon featuring two British coins, but the handle is engraved "Trinidad"
The finial is a three pence coin dated 1942 and the bowl is a one shilling  coin also dated 1942

The Caribbean was an important battleground area during WW11, because of the amount of oil produced in the area.
The British Fiji class cruiser HMS TRINIDAD was sunk in shallow water on May 14, 1942 and then in December it was raised and towed to port.
I suspect that this spoon was to honor this ship

The older British coin spoons may be seen in the embedded spoon exhibit

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