The Republic of Colombia (named after Columbus)  is a constitutional republic in northwestern South America.
It is the 26th largest nation in the world and the fourth largest in South America.

columbian spoon god finials

 indigenous nations including the Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona reside in Colombia

columbian coin spoons

1.(left) Colombian god spoon featuring a 100 centavos silver coin dated 1932
2. Colombian god spoon featuring a 100 centavos silver coin dated 1933
3. A ten centavos silver coin finial dated 1941 and a 100 centavos silver coin bowl dated 1916

columbian god coin spoons

4 very large (9") stirrer spoons featuring different Colombian gods (see top picture) and  each with a  100 centavos silver coin.
Coins are dated 1933, 1916, 1916, 1922.

columbian 50 centavo spoon

This is a small (3") 900 silver spoon which features a nice
handworked indian finial and a 50 centavo coin bowl dated 1933

emerald coin gemston spoons columbia
These very nice Colombian emerald god spoons feature a nice
50 centavo piece which are dated early 1920's but one is 1932
These are 900 silver and weigh 12.5 grams

coin emerald columbia gemstone spoon
This small 2" emerald god spoon features a
2.5 gram 900 silver ten centavo coin dated 1941

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