The Republic of Ecuador is  a representative democratic style government on the west coast of S. America

which straddles the equator and literally translates into the 'Republic of the Equator'.

Ecuador Llama spoon

Ecuador coin spoon

This nice double stemmed spoon features a hand cut llama in a silver circle
The bowl is a silver 1928 -- 50 centavo coin (about the size of a dime)

On March 4, 1927 the Ecuador Sucre went on the gold exchange standard with a peg to the US dollar at  5 sucre to $1.
The first year of issue of the silver 50 centavo coin was in 1928.

Native Costume Spoons

ecuador 5 sucre coin spoon

Three  spoons made during World War ll with five sucre silver coins used as the bowl.
The coins are 25 grams of 72 fine silver (just two grams lighter than a US silver dollar -but lesser purity)
Two of the coins are dated 1943 and the other is 1944

The front of the spoon features the bust of Antonio Jose de Sucre and the words "Republica Del Ecuador'
Sucre and Bolivar played a key role in ensuring independence from Spain.
Initially, Ecuador and Columbia were one nation called Gran Columbia, but Ecuador left after 8 years.

The reverse features the national coat of arms with palm and laurel branches symbolizing victory.
A condor at the top is to represent shelter and protection under its outstretched wings.
The mint mark of "M" and the word "Mexico" indicates that these coins were minted in Mexico.

ecuador 5 sucre coincoin 5 sucre ecuador

What the coins look like before being bent into a spoon bowl

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