coin spoons silver embedded

These are among my favorite coin bowl spoons. In these cases the silversmith took the coin and embedded it in the silver metal of the spoon.
This is a rather difficult job and requires a much higher level of expertise than does simply soldering a coin onto a piece of metal.

English Coins

In the above picture - -the four coins at a right slant are from England. I believe that this embedded style developed in England and was supposed to show that the silver item was of  good purity.  Larger pieces were also made in this style and there are a few instances of gold coins being embedded, but I have never seen an English spoon with a gold coin. (which doesn't mean they don't exist. Note: I have seen American gold coin spoons).

spoon 3 pence british coin
This is a three (3) pence undated British coin embedded in a strainer spoon. Note the nice chasing and repousse work around the edge. Using the hallmarks I am dating this spoon to 1804 with a maker mark of "TD".

spoon coin batemanspoon coin embedded bateman
These two spoons look very similar. Both have undated two pence coins and are surrounded by nice chasing and repousse work.
The left spoon bears the Bateman firm hallmark for 1799. The right spoon is dated 1807 and bears a maker mark I haven't identified.

coin spoon british victoria

This English three pence coin bears the date of 1891 and features Queen Victoria. The hallmark is also for 1891.

Brazil Pie Server

coin pie server brazil silver

This Brazilian 500 reis? coin is dated 1857. This pie server is cast and has a lot of open work design.


denmark, coin silver spoondenmark coin silver spoon

These two coin spoons are really very nice pieces. Both exhibit exceptional silver work and weight.
The left spoon is a 2 kroner 25 th silver anniversary commemorative for King Christian and Queen Alexandrine and is dated 1923 with the dates
 (1898-1923) shown.

The Right spoon is a 2 kroner commemorative for King Frederick and Queen Ingrid and is dated  1953

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