Guatemala (República de Guatemala),  is a representative democracy  in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. Its size is just under 110,000 km² with an estimated population of 14,000,000. The capital is Guatemala City.

guatamala silver coin spoons

1.(left) The finial is a 1879 silver 1/2 real coin and the bowl is an 1889 silver 1 real coin (slightly bigger than a dime)
2. The finial is a cutout of the design of a 1/2 real coin
3. The finial is a cutout of the design of an 1891 silver real coin and the bowl is composed of 7 silver 1/4 real coins

guatamala coins bowl
An enlarged picture of the third coin above

guatamala silver coin spoons

Set of 6 silver Guatemala spoons. The finials are 1/4 reals and the bowls are 1 real coins

guatamala coin spoon
The bowl is a 25 centavos coin dated  1960
The finial is a 5 centavos coin dated 1968
Both coins are a copper/nickel alloy and I suspect the stem is the same material

Guatemala stopped issuing silver coins in 1900.

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