I have had a number of Islamic style coin spoons in my collection for awhile

but I have been unable to interpret the writing. Mr. W. Kundis has 

volunteered to help me with this project.

islamic coin spoons

Some of these are further described in the Turkish coin spoon exhibit

Morocco coin spoon

Morocco coin spoon
A Morrocan coin spoon ca 1891.
Features  a coin finial and a coin bowl and the crescent  moon is cut from another coin
Moulay Al Hasan I, 1290-1311 H, (1873-1894). 2 1/2 Dirhams - bowl is 7.3g silver

morroco coin spoon camel
A Saudi Arabian 1950's era Riyal  coin spoon bowl featuring a camel finial

Syrian coin spoon

syria coin spoon

10 piastres coin finial
10 piastres coin bowl
dated 1929 and composed of 68% silver weighing 2 g
coins used both Syrian and French until independence

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