mexico silver coin spoons

1. (left) The finial has a 1902 silver 5 centavo coin and the bowl is an 1884 silver 25 centavo coin
2.  The finial is a cast Mexican eagle and the bowl is an 1878 silver 25 centavo coin
3. The finial is a cast eagle. Below is a cutout eagle from a silver 5 centavo coin. The bowl has
an embedded 1876 silver 25 centavo coin and an embedded silver 1886-- 5 centavo coin

mexico coin bowl spoonmexico coin bowl spoon
This was a very popular style of Mexican coin bowl spoon and is frequently found.
However, all of these spoons are hand made --they are not the product of a factory.
If you look at them closely you will discover minor differences in each one.
The coins are all silver grade (90% fine) and the cutouts are all done by hand. It is an intensive laborious method.
The coins all have different dates but the style is the same. The dates range from 1875 to 1903 with a lot of them in the 1880's.
All of the coins were used as circulation money.
The top coin is usually a 5 centavo, but one is a ten centavo.
In the bowl, the top coin is a 25 centavo and the bottom coin is a 5 centavo.
The handles are all soldered together and I am pretty sure they are a reasonable grade of silver.
None of the spoons are marked.
I would not be surprised to discover that they were made in the USA and then sold in Mexico
If anyone has further information on these spoons please contact me

An enlarged picture of #1 above

enlarged picture of the bowl

Mexico peso coin spoon 1932

Interesting spoon from Mexico featuring a 1932 one peso silver coin bowl with a cast finial

Mexican 50 centavo cactus spoon

This is a cute spoon showing a prickly pear cactus handle with an 1881 Mexican 50 centavo silver coin bowl
It was manufactured by Shreve & Co of San Franciso and the back of the handle is engraved "July 24, 1904"
Unfortunately an old coin was used for the bowl and the back is severely worn.

coin gem spoon mexico
These two 3" spoons feature a nice round cabachon amethyst in the finial
The twisted stem ends at a 10 centavo silver coin dated (1941 & 1942)

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