spoon silver coins Peru llama filigree

Eight assorted coin bowl spoons from Peru

spoon filigree detail silver peru

Detail picture of the center spoon. Note the remarkable amount of hand done filigree work.
this coin contains a silver sol coin dated 1934.

spoon sol peru
This picture is another sol coin (1931) from another spoon.
At this time the silver sol was about the size of a US silver dollar.

peru sol coin
Front and back views of a typical silver sol coin

However, Peru experienced significant inflation due to poor money management (FED please note)
This is a typical non-silver Peru sol after the inflation
new sol coin peru
See the rightmost coin in the first picture

peru coin spoon

This is a diminutive spoon (shown above) with a silver 10% sol coin (dime size)

coin spoon peru

This is another diminutive spoon. The finial at the top is a cutout of the center of another 10% sol coin.

Detail of the filigree and enamel on the 6th spoon in the first picture.

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