Chile Coin Spoon

Chile coin spoon -dos pesos
This nice enameled spoon has a large 1929 silver 2 pesos coin bowl

Chile has had several different coinage systems. In 1927, silver 2 and 5 peso coins were issued..

Bolivia Coin Spoon

Bolivia coin spoon silver

A large cast and hand worked llama serves as the finial for this spoon.
The bowl is a silver 50 centavo coin.
The coin date is covered by the handle solder, but the last silver  50 centavos was  struck in 1879

Ecuador Coin Spoon

Ecuador coin spoon

This nice double stemmed spoon features a hand cut llama in a silver circle
The bowl is a silver 1928 -- 50 centavo coin (about the size of a dime)

On March 4, 1927 the Ecuador Sucre went on the gold exchange standard with a peg to the US dollar at  5 sucre to $1.
The first year of issue of the silver 50 centavo coin was in 1928.

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Paraguay Coin Spoon

paraguay coin silver spoon
This spoon has a bronze 1951 - 25 centimos coin bowl

Nicaragua Coin spoon
(yes, I do know that Nicaragua is actually Central America)

nicaragua coin spoon

The coins are all soldered to the handle of this large 7.5" spoon.
this series of coins was issued from 1821 thru 1911
I believe that the small one is a 5 centavo, the middle one is 10 centavo and the large top one is a 20 centavo.
they are all 800 silver

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