old swiss coin spoon

At the finial, this large spoon has a crowned imperial eagle and a key (St. Peter) which is from the flag of the  Canton of Geneva. The well made stem is twisty and has a column base.
The bowl is gold washed -but I think that it was originally a silver coin.
The coin is from the Geneva Republic and is dated 1723 (Respublica Genevensis).
The reverse is "post tenebrus lux"  - -meaning "after the darkness -- light", and is a reference to the Protestant Reformation and the Calvinist motto (Geneva was the  'adopted' city of John Calvin)
This picture is from a later Swiss coin but it is very similar to the bowl of this spoon.
swiss coin spoon

Swiss  5 batzen spoon

Nice gold washed standing swiss bear finial on a twisty handle

Swiss 5 batzen spooncoin Swiss 5 batzen spoon

The bowl is made from a gold washed 5 Batzen coin (4.15 gr silver) from the Bern Canton and dated 1826

Zurich Canton  5 shilling coin

Featuring a nice finial of a lion  with its paw on a shield 

swiss coin spoon 1700 pro deo et patria
The lion is holding a sword and  has the other paw on a shield
The inscription "moneta nova" (new money) is found on many European coins.

The Reverse has the motto

"Pro Deo et Patria" (Latin)

"for  God and Country" 

The 5 shilling coin in this format was issued only in the years 1697 -1700.
This coin is dated 1700

The shield is engraved with the name "Vevey".
Vevey is a town in the canton of Vaud on the north shore of Lake Geneva.
Vevey is also the town where milk chocolate was invented (1875) and is the home of Nestle Corp.

switzerlan coin 1735 spoon
this spoon is  similar to the above spoon, except it is dated 1735
These coins were issued from  (1718-1753)
the standing lion side says "moneta reipub"
There is a canton engraved on the shield -but I can't read it.
this entire spoon has been gold washed

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